2020: Year of Advancement and Capable People


"Peace is not simply the absence of war; it is a state in which people come together in mutual trust and live with joy, energy, and hope. This is the polar opposite of war—where people live plagued by hatred and the fear of death." 
- SGI President Daisaku Ikeda


"Religion and art are certainly intertwined. Religion cultivates the earth of our being, our life itself, while art brings the flowers and fruits of culture to bloom in that earth." 
- SGI President Daisaku Ikeda


"The greatest resource that humankind has is to be found within human life itself. This treasure can be endlessly mined and developed. To believe in and encourage youth, bringing out their wisdom and strength; this is the challenge and purpose of education." 
- SGI President Daisaku Ikeda




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        Undefeated Alongside Powerful Daimoku


As a foreign student in Japan, Yda had to tackle the challenge of the language barrier. Struggling to manage this along with her studies, part-time jobs, and Gakkai and university activities, she confronted every challenge head-on with the Gohonzon first attitude and triumphed over them.





        Summoning up Courage to Serve the Community


Working in a medical field in the midst of a pandemic is a tough struggle. Despite the risk and danger to his work brought by the virus, Ryan courageously pursued the path of his mission both at work and Gakkai which led him to accumulate treasures of the heart by contributing to the happiness and well-being of others.





A computer engineer in Cebu never gave up hope in spite of poverty and found a way to give hope to others. From a series showing SGI members taking action for peace in their local communities.



Daily Gosho
"The fourth volume of the Lotus Sutra states: “If there is someone who seeks the Buddha way and for the space of a kalpa presses palms together in my presence and recites numberless verses of praise, because of these praises of the Buddha he will gain immeasurable blessings. And if one lauds and extols those who uphold this sutra, one’s good fortune will be even greater.”"


“On the Offering of a Mud Pie” (WND-2, p. 499)