Last weekend we have held the very first Visayas Youth Division Training Seminar and Exchange meeting, The event was attended by members from far distance members. 
On the first day there were 53 members attending the Seminar. Among them were 4 Bacolod members w/ 2 guests, 3 members from Leyte and 11 Samar Members. There were guests on the training seminar. Although the topics were mostly for members, the guests were very receptive and have engage and participated on each sessions. For the first session, Marian discussed the importance of study and reading gosho. For the second session, we studied the gosho The Dragon Gate emphasizing the message on "making a great vow" and how our Sensei actualizes vow. The last session, Anthony discussed about heart of Sensei. He started by grouping activity and let the participants involve who is Sensei for them and his traits.

On the 2nd day we practiced and sung the This is My Name and did a team building activity that aims to refresh what they learned from the previous day. In the afternoon, we held the Exchange meeting. There were 10 guests. Our attendance was 65 excluding the Bacolod members because they traveled home during lunch time. There were four members who shared their inspiring experience along with how they have overcome the challenge on attending the seminar.