S T U D E N T   D I V I S I O N   A C T I V I T I E S    



Student Division Diamond Meeting is a place where the members polish their characters, faith, and ideals to contribute to the society as a good citizen of the Philippines.

The diamond, if unpolished, may be covered by dust and may not be recognized its true worth. But after undergoing tedious polishing process, it will manifest its true beauty and worth.

The student division members may be "unpolished" diamond hidden in the depth of the mountain. But just like the diamond can be polished only by another diamond, while interacting with fellow student division members, they will unearth their true potential and fulfill their missions in life.


The student division organizes the informal dialogue sessions with the pioneer leaders of the Many Treasures Group in order to learn from their experiences of faith and the history of expansion of the Philippine kosen-rufu, and to develop the awareness within the members that we are the next generation to carry on the Philippine kosen-rufu. Through this dialogue, the student division members will also be able to hear the first-hand experiences and accounts when Ikeda Sensei visited the Philippines.


Having dialogues with the thinkers, academic figures, and peace-advocates in the Philippines is organized to provide the younger generations like the student division members who have not met Ikeda Sensei in person with valuable experiences to learn the history of their encounters with our mentor. These dialogues reaffirm with us the greatness of our mentor and inspires us more to learn from Ikeda Sensei.


S T U D E N T   D I V I S I O N   A N N O U N C E M E N T S