1. With Philippine Presidents

Dialogue with President Aquino of the Philippines

SGI President Ikeda paid a courtesy call on President Corazon Aquino of the Philippines in the morning of April 22, 1991 at the Malacañang Palace. Greeting the Philippine president as the “mother of the Philippines and great mother of the world”, President Ikeda presented President Aquino with a poem entitled, “Crown with Glory the Mother of the Philippines” that he had written to commemorate the occasion of their first meeting. In the course of their discussion and among other topics, they talked about their expectations for an expanded friendship and exchange between Japan and the Philippines, and the need for a fresh perspective on human life to match the dawning of an “age of women”. President Ikeda also mentioned that the people of the Philippines, whose country boasts the world’s most majestic sunrises and sunsets, have treasures of unparalleled beauty in their hearts. In the coming of the age of nonviolence and culture, women will no doubt be expected to play still more active roles in society. Commenting on Mrs. Aquino’s wisdom and the sense she projects of being one with the people, President Ikeda wrote in his poem:

…People Power
is also the power of women
who stood proud and unflinching –
the flame of conviction burning fierce in their eyes –
before the thunderous approach of tanks
protecting their children’s future…
…the dawn of new democracy!
The curtain rises on a new era of the common man!
We must never forget, however,
that revolution is not
the realization of a goal
so much as a departure toward one…
…You who make the heart
of the common people your own!
Mother of the Philippines
like the pure white ‘sampaguita’ flower!...

President Aquino, as one of the world’s leading women, also imparted a message to all women. “It is up to each person to take a close look at himself and discover who he is, what his goals in life are, and the role that best suits him”. As the dialogue between the representatives of the common people in Japan and the Philippines came to an end, the waves of history could be heard in the distance washing on the shores of a new humanistic era of the people…

The Age of Asia and the Pacific: Dialogue with President Ramos

On May 10, 1993, President Ikeda celebrated the 1st year anniversary of President Ramos’ induction at the Malacañang palace. In his dialogue with President Ramos, President Ikeda expressed his expectations for the Philippines as a prosperous country like an “emerging dragon” in the new millennium through the people’s strength. President Ikeda mentioned that the geographical location of the Philippines gives it the mission of peace and that the Filipinos have the potential to realize this. President Ramos also shared his valuable insights about Japan describing it as an “anchor” in the age of Asia and the Pacific.  In their conversation, Ikeda President Ikeda also emphasized the importance of culture and education in promoting understanding between Japan and the Philippines.

A Meeting with Former President Ramos in Soka University, Tokyo, Japan

October 29, 1998 – After bestowing an honorary doctorate upon President Ramos in Soka University, President Ikeda welcomed him and his wife in the Tokyo Makiguchi Memorial Hall. President Ikeda praised Mr. Ramos for being an advocate of public revolution and then moved on to discuss the basis of democracy with former president Ramos. In their dialogue they agreed that the foundation of democracy is the ordinary people and by empowering them, the nation will eventually develop.

A Meeting in Tokyo with President Estrada

In June 4, 1999, President Ikeda had a dialogue with Philippine President Estrada in Tokyo. President Estrada expressed his conviction in developing the nation in cooperation with the people. In connection with President Estrada’s words, President Ikeda strongly emphasized that working with the common people is the basic prerequisite for a leader to be called “a man of justice”.

A Meeting with President Ramos in Makiguchi Memorial Hall

President Ikeda met former president Fidel Ramos at Makiguchi Memorial Hall, Tokyo, in March 23, 2000. In their dialogue, they reached a conclusion that it is the common people who were the primary actors in effecting change in the 21st century. They also emphasized the worth and dignity that each individual possess and that every leader must have a concrete vision of how to empower the common people.

2. The Orders of the Knights of Rizal

The Conferment Ceremony of the Knights of Rizal Grand Cross

Before the conferment ceremony on November 8, 1996, President Ikeda had a dialogue with the Supreme Commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, Mr. Quiambao, at the Tokyo Makiguchi Memorial Hall. On that occasion, Dr. Ikeda was very thankful for the great kindness of the Order of the Knights of Rizal in bestowing the honor. He expressed his determination to spread the spirit of Dr. Jose Rizal in promoting peace in the world and happiness of humanity. "We rarely have a ‘real hero’ in the world. Materialism nowadays has driven away the value of the spirit and morality. I’d like to change this course. To accomplish it, we should learn from the real hero, Dr. Jose Rizal," President Ikeda articulated.

The Rizal International Peace Award Ceremony

In response to receiving the Rizal International Peace Award on October 9, 1998, President Ikeda mentioned that humanity have two great paths towards the future as opened up by Dr. Jose Rizal. First is the path of victory of the common people and second, the path of unity of the youth.

The Supreme Commander of The Order of the Knights of Rizal visits President Ikeda in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

President Ikeda welcomed Mr. Quiambao, the former Supreme Commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal and his party in Chubu International Women Center, Aichi, on November 14, 1998. President Ikeda wholeheartedly praised them for their efforts in fostering the youth and at the same time stressing the essence of the Knights of Rizal motto, “The power of the heart is indestructible”. In response, Mr. Quiambao praised President Ikeda for spreading the philosophy of value creation throughout the globe and described him as a cosmopolitan and a universal man who enthusiastically spreads the spirit of Dr. Jose Rizal.

“The Distinct Encounters”

On February 2, 2000, President Ikeda had a dialogue about Dr. Jose Rizal with Mr. Quiambao in Okinawa Training Center. Focusing on Rizal’s spirit of reformation and literature, President Ikeda and Mr. Quiambao discussed a variety of things from Rizal’s childhood to the very last moment of his life. President Ikeda repeatedly stated his conviction of dedicating himself to ceaselessly spreading the spirit of Dr. Jose Rizal throughout the world. Their dialogue was later published in 2001 entitled, “Distinct Encounters”.

3. Others

President Ikeda Meets with the President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Manila, April 23, 1991 – Praising the beautiful, humane hearts of the Filipino people, President Ikeda said, during his meeting with Maria T.E. Roxas, president of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Nicanor Tiongson, artistic director and professor at the University of the Philippines, that in the interest of deepening mutual understanding between their countries, he wanted to do what he could to widely expose the Japanese people to the rich, humanistic culture of the Philippines. The Cultural Center president highly praised the activities of the SGI and the Min-On Concert Association (which was founded by President Ikeda), noting that they share the same goal as the Cultural Center, that is, to contribute to international goodwill and peace through the promotion of cultural exchange.

A Meeting with Tagaytay City Mayor Tolentino

On the 10th of October in 1998, President Ikeda and the Honorable Mayor Tolentino of Tagaytay City discussed the mission of a politician. In their dialogue, they agreed that it is truly crucial to be reminded of one’s mission and be aware of the spirit of one’s foundations no matter what political line or organization a politician belongs to. President Ikeda was truly thankful for the effort of Tagaytay City in its promotion of friendship between the two countries. They ended their dialogue with a promise to create a better future between the Philippines and Japan.

A Dialogue with a Chief Justice and two Presidents

On March 15, 2002, President Ikeda met the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Mr. Hilario Davide, Supreme Commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal Mr. Quiambao, and President of Araneta University Mr. Concepcion, at the Seikyo Shimbun building in Tokyo. In their dialogue, they discussed the importance of humanism in society. Aside from this, the vital role of women in fostering a bright hope in society was also highlighted. The guests were deeply impressed with the activities of SGI that truly empowers women. They also talked about the role of the youth in creating a hope-filled nation throughout the world. Citing the life of Mr. Davide, who was seriously poor when he was a child, President Ikeda stated that real happiness does not come from social status but more on the process of overcoming life’s adversities. It was also emphasized in their dialogue that the devotion towards the common people is a vital quality that a leader should possess.