1. University of the Philippines (April 21, 1991)

The University of the Philippines conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Law upon SGI President Daisaku Ikeda on April 21, 1991.

The presentation was made in conjunction with the university’s 80th commencement ceremony, held at the Diliman campus in Quezon City.

A total of about 2,500 faculty members, students and guests attended the ceremony.

Dr. Abueva explained that the Honorary Doctorate in Law being presented to Mr. Ikeda was the most prestigious of all degrees awarded by the university. In his greetings, Mr. Ikeda heartily praised the University’s effort to promote education and the brilliant tradition it has established since its foundation in 1908.

He said that he sincerely prayed for the glorious prosperity of the University of the Philippines and of all those present, adding that he sensed that the people of the Philippines, whose country boasts of the world’s most majestic sunrises and sunsets, have treasures of unparalleled beauty in their hearts.

Prior to the presentation of the Honorary Doctorate, Mr. Ikeda attended the commencement ceremony for the College of Business Administration to deliver a commemorative lecture entitled “Peace and Business: Toward a Universal Spirit of Fairness and Justice”. It was also the 75th anniversary of this College.

On University of the Philippines

University of the Philippines (UP) was founded in 1908. As the highest seat of learning in the Philippines, UP has exhibited its excellence in academia and other related activities as well as having fostered a large number of capable individuals who are remarkably active in all areas of society.

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s lecture "Peace and Business: Toward a Universal Spirit of Fairness and Justice"

"Control your business; don’t let it control you". This is Mr. Ikeda's long cherished saying. In his lecture, Mr. Ikeda shared some of his thoughts based on the perspective of “world citizenship”, the ideal espoused by the great Filipino hero Jose Rizal. He highlighted the fact that business, by its very nature, has as its prime objectives of economic efficiency and the pursuit of profit.

“If a businessman allows himself to be controlled by his business, and thinks only in terms of corporations and capital, it will lead him to fight for profits – a behavior which has also frequently caused wars to be fought”. He also stressed out that in business, it is very crucial to always consider the greater, holistic interest of the entire planet and of humankind. Having this in mind, it would even enable one to make judgment through the willingness to rise to the nobility of self-sacrifice that transcends personal gain and profit.

2. De La Salle University (March 18, 1997)

De La Salle University conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Humanities upon SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. The conferment ceremony was held during the commencement exercises of Soka University and Soka Women’s College in Tokyo in March 18, 1997.

On De La Salle University

De La Salle University was founded in 1911. "De La Salle" is the founder's name, who was a French pastor and educator who lived in the 17th to 18th century.
On January 22, 1996, Brother Andrew Gonzalez, the President of De La Salle University, visited Soka University to conclude an academic corporation between De La Salle University and Soka University.

In the campus of DLSU, there is a memorial for the victims of the Japanese Army during World War II. In March 1996, the students of Soka University offered flowers to this memorial. This, according to Dr. Gonzalez, was the very first time for Japanese nationals to have done such an act. In February 10, 1998, Mr. Ikeda also visited De La Salle University and he too, offered flowers to this memorial.

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s Speech

The time when the Reverend De La Salle lived was at the zenith of the Bourbon dynasty. Behind their glory, however, people suffered from a series of wars and famines. Amid such disorder, the Reverend De La Salle deserted his property and career as a priest to dedicate his life to education for the people’s sake. It was a struggle to cultivate the human mind to emancipate him from within. Inevitably, he was bound to be the target of the old power. It was the people who protected him from that power in the critical time to resume his school. Casting away one’s life for the people to share the pleasures and hardships of life and win their trust – this is what it means to lead a truly glorious way of life.

During World War II, the arrogant Japanese military invaded the beautiful nation of the Philippines and devastated an immeasurable number of precious lives. There is a memorial to the victims in the campus of De La Salle University. We must never forget this tragic history. In the very foundations of Soka University lies the spirit of President Makiguchi, who fearlessly fought against Japanese nationalism and died in prison, as a result. Soka University will transcend nations and nationalism to construct an eternal solidarity of human beings.

3. University of the City of Manila (February 11, 1998)

University of the City of Manila conferred its Honorary Doctorate of Humanities upon GI President Daisaku Ikeda. The Conferment ceremony was held in University of the City of Manila, the Philippines, on February 11, 1998.

On University of the City of Manila

University of the City of Manila was founded in 1967. This University is well known as the first university in Asia which has initiated the remission of tuition fees. The University of the City of Manila is called the “University dedicated to people”, for it opened its gates of learning to the underprivileged students so that they can give full play to their potentials.

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s Speech

Dr. Jose Rizal called on his friends to invest their energy in promoting the education of the people. University of the City of Manila upholds this spirit of Dr. Rizal’s. Today, February 11, is the gladdest day for me in a year, because it is the birthday of Mr. Josei Toda who is my mentor. Mr. Toda’s long-cherished wish was to spread the light of peace over the Asian people in this unsettled time. Mr. Toda was also an educator who loved young people so dearly. Every morning he would teach me all branches of knowledge; this lecture of "Toda University" lasted for ten years. I gladly offer this honor to Mr. Toda.

Mr. Toda's humanitarianism is thoroughly based on the dignity of life. He led a people’s movement for peace with the conviction that life is an absolute and supreme entity. The exploration into life and the change of human beings themselves are the very basis of everything. Exploration of knowledge has brought affluence and convenience to humanity, but at the same time it has also incurred great danger. In order to utilize knowledge and information for the sake of happiness and peace of humanity, it is vital to bring forth wisdom and compassion that all people possess in their very lives. To tap life, which is the biggest frontier in the 21st century, is the great mission of humanistic education.

4. Angeles University (February 5, 2000)

Angeles University conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities upon Dr. Ikeda. The conferment ceremony was held following the finale of the "World Peace Culture Convention" in Okinawa, Japan, in February 5, 2000.

The president of Angeles University, in his awarding speech, observed that Dr. Ikeda's strikingly excellent quality of sincerity enabled him to win the admiration and honor from around the world.

On Angeles University

Angeles University was founded in 1962 by Madame Angeles, the mother of the President of Angeles University. This University started as the first private high school in the city, but it had to be closed down two years later.

However, Madame Angeles never succumbed to such difficulties. Instead, she sacrificed her own property in order to rebuild the school. She declared that if we establish a school, we could save many people, especially the underprivileged. Thanks to their sacrifice and dedication, now their school has achieved a remarkable milestone and developed into a general university. In the basic tenets of Angeles University lies the idea of dedication to the people and services for the greater cause of community.

5. University of Southern Philippines (October 2, 2000)

University of Southern Philippines conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities upon SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. The conferment ceremony was held in Tokyo Makiguchi Memorial Hall, Tokyo, on October 27, 2001. University of Southern Philippines also conferred the “Rizal Peace Award” upon Mr. Ikeda as its first awardee on October 2, 2000 in Tokyo.

On University of Southern Philippines

University of Southern Philippines was founded in response to people’s passionate desire for education in Cebu City in 1927. This University follows the spirit of the Filipino hero, Jose Rizal and is proud of its museum which keeps precious relics and mementos of Rizal.

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s Speech 

     “I will dedicate everything to the happiness of all”—this is the very spirit of Dr. Jose Rizal, and the spirit of Soka Gakkai. Soka
     Gakkai has achieved remarkable development, all because we had this spirit of working not for one’s self but solely for others.
     Herein lies the most upright way of life. “If you try to change society, change yourself first”—this is the spirit that University
     of Southern Philippines upholds. In order to create the 21st century as the century of peace and education, let us create the
     histories of our own human revolution, as well as create a new Soka Gakkai and a new society.

6. Gregorio Araneta University (March 14, 2002)

Gregorio Araneta University conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities upon SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. The conferment ceremony was held in the head office of Seikyo Newspaper in Tokyo on March 14, 2002, with the attendance of distinguished guests – Mr. Quiambao, the former Supreme Commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, and his wife, Mr. Davide, Chief Justice of the Philippines, and his wife.

On Gregorio Araneta University

Gregorio Araneta University was founded by Mr. Salvador Araneta in 1946. “Gregorio Araneta” is the name of his father who served as the Minister of Law as the first Filipino under America, and dedicated his later years to education. Mr. Salvador, who succeeded to his father’s will, founded the university to foster the youth who contribute to the independence and peace of the Philippines.

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s Speech

As Dr. Salvador, the founder of Gregorio Araneta University, said that the path to peace starts with each one of us, the great change of the world starts with the great change within one single human being. Once, the brutal Japanese military invadedmthe Philippines and destroyed an inestimable number of precious lives, including Dr. Salvador’s siblings. Gregorio Araneta University rose from such an indescribable tragedy to initiate the holy work of humanistic education. Fighting thoroughly againstmnationalism – this is the very soul of Soka Gakkai following the first president Makiguchi, a martyr to peace.

Dr. Jose Rizal maintained that a human being’s duty today is to dedicate oneself for the salvation of all humanity. Chief Justice Davide tells us that what renders a human being most human is his contribution, and encourages us to take courageous action for those who are suffering. Let us advance together, carrying an eternal hope, in realizing the peace of the world.

7. Capitol University (June 6, 2004)

Capitol University conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities upon SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. The conferment ceremony was held after the general meeting of Soka Gakkai in Tokyo on June 6, 2004.

On Capitol University

Capitol University was founded in 1971, by Madame Laureana San Pedro Rosales, a great educator as well as a survivor of the Bataan Death March, one of the worst atrocities of the Pacific War. She has established many educational institutions including Capitol University in Mindanao Island. Capitol University carries a mission of fostering a “total person.”

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s Speech

Today, June 6, is the 133rd birthday of the Soka Gakkai’s founding president Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, who died in prison as a consequence of his opposition to Japanese military government during World War II. I would like to offer this honor from Capitol University to my illustrious predecessor.

In April of 1942, the Japanese Army perpetrated the Bataan Death March wherein they forced the American and Filipino prisoners as well as civilians to walk nearly 100 kilometers without sufficient water or rest; they relentlessly killed those who collapsed on the spot. As many as 20,000 people are believed to have been killed by this brutality. Madame Rosales, surviving this hellish march with her mother and siblings, made a firm vow: Education is crucial; I will dedicate my life to fostering the development and growth of people who can contribute to world peace! Overcoming every difficulty, she established the university dedicated to the happiness and peace of all humanity.

Victory is simply never accepting defeat, no matter what. Being undefeated is victory. Never give up, never losing hope – that is the key to winning and the essential philosophy of all experts in the art of happiness. Let us advance together with our revered teachers from Capitol University in creating a world free of war, violence, and killing and filled instead with profound respect for the value and dignity of life.

8. Batangas State University (March 19, 2005)

Batangas State University conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy upon SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. The conferment ceremony was held at the commencement ceremony of Soka University and Soka Women’s College on March 19, 2005, in Tokyo.

On Batangas State University

Batangas University is located in the Province of Batangas which the Japanese military invaded and devastated during World War II. The precursor of Batangas State University was founded in 1903, which was promoted to Batangas State University in 2001.   

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s Speech

A person who knows how to repay his debt of gratitude is a person who has true intelligence as well as a graduate of Soka education. Mr. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, the father of Soka education, argued that people can be divided into three: the first type are those whom people do not care about whether they are around or not; the second type are those whom people do not want to stay; the third type are those whom people absolutely want to stay around. I would like all of you to be the kind of people whom others want to stay, just as I was in my youth. Those who live such kind of life are truly happy people. It is in order to attain happiness that you have studied.

Whether or not you can struggle with difficulties decides your life. In order to be victorious, you must appreciate the value of labor;nfiddling and idling is the enemy; arrogance is the path to defeat in life – this applies both to individuals and organizations. Only by overcoming difficulties, can you be victorious.

Dr. Toynbee told me that true happiness and satisfaction lie in the action you take for the sake of people and the world. I would like you to put all your heart into the path of your own mission, without leaving any regret. No matter what, those who are victorious in the end are true winners. I hope you win in your own lives as experts in the art of happiness and of victory!

As Dr. Jose Rizal observed that a courageous heart and unyielding resolution are the keys to victory, making a desperate effort with a firm resolution enable you surely to open the path to victory.

9. Pampanga Agricultural College (March 16, 2006)

Pampanga Agricultural College conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities upon SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. The conferment ceremony was held during the commencement exercises of Soka High School in Tokyo on March 16, 2006.

On Pampanga Agricultural College

Pampanga Agricultural College is located in the Province of Pampanga, the midland of Luzon Island, where great farming districts spread. Pampanga Agricultural College was founded in 1885. The graduates are active in various fields such as agriculture, veterinary, and education.

Pampanga was extensively bombed by the Japanese military on December 8, 1941, the day when the Pacific War broke out.

The campus of Pampanga Agricultural College was also invaded by them and was used as their station. The then President of the College was the grandfather of the present President Batad. He survived the Bataan Death March, and resumed the school after the war to foster capable persons who would contribute to peace.

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s Speech

The greatest person is a person of filial piety as well as a person of learning, i.e. one who has both excellent intelligence and consideration for others. Then, what is true filial piety? It is to never get defeated in any difficulties; that wherever you may be right now, you will be victorious in the end. The victory of the graduate is a victory of the alma mater and of the parents. My only wish is that you will win an absolute victory and for you to be good to your parents.     

The grandfather and father of the president, Dr. Batad, also served as the President of the College. The steady foundation of the College was laid down by these three generations. During World War II, the Japanese military devastated the noble campus of the College. This history of barbarity is a dishonor to Japan, which we must never forget. I would like to declare clearly that it is the three mentors and disciples of Soka education who fought firmly against the diabolic nature of Japanese nationalism.     

When the agricultural grounds around Pampanga province suffered great damage from the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, Pampanga Agricultural College took the lead for the revival of the agriculture industry. This noble history tells us that learning is indeed the source of good action; learning exists for justice of humanity; and learning is the principle of victory in one’s life.    

Lastly, I would like to share with you the words of the father of Dr. Batad – “those who are firmly resolved to win will win.”

10. University of Rizal System (November 24, 2006)

It was from the Philippines that the historic 201st Honorary Doctorate was bestowed on President Ikeda. And this came from University of Rizal System as it conferred its Honorary Doctorate of Humanities upon President Ikeda. The conferment ceremony was held in the head office of the Seikyo Newspaper building in Tokyo on November 24, 2006.

On University of Rizal System

University of Rizal System is located in the province of Rizal, which carries the name of the national hero. The precursor of the University of Rizal System was founded in 1956, and then it was integrated with other universities in the same province to become what it is at present in 2001.     

The Summary – Mr. Ikeda’s Speech    

I have met and discussed with leading women scholars and leaders around the world. Still, I was especially moved by the speech of President De Leon, whom I greatly admire as the supreme mother of education.    

In the power of education and culture, we human beings, can find hope. I am convinced that those who have this divine power of education and culture are women. I remember the history of educational revolution by the Filipino women in the town of Malolos. They upheld Dr. Rizal’s spirit as their own and courageously claimed for their right to receive education and the establishment of a school, which had been oppressed by the colonial rulers. Despite threats and disturbance by arrogant priests and the power, the women of Malolos never flinched. They patiently continued the movement and finally achieved their dream in 1889.     

I am glad to say that an academic cooperation between University of Rizal System and Soka University has been concluded, which is the 101st school for Soka University.

Firmly unified with my revered teachers, I will further exert myself for peace and justice, and for the excellent outcome of education and culture.