In commemoration of March 16, Kosen-rufu Day, the Young Successors Group (Student Division, High School Division, and Boys & Girls Division) challenged themselves as they launch the “New Human Revolution Generation” (NHRG), where they tackle pressing issues that we are facing today in the effort to realize peace and happiness.

The word “Generation” does not refer to describe or limit a certain group of people or youth but as a representation of a start of a new generation of youth division who will embody Shin'ichi Yamamoto by discussing and confronting issues that we are facing today using our education and by applying what we learn from studying The New Human Revolution.

The NHRG provides a platform for the youth where they can freely share their ideas, give new and different perspectives, offer innovative solutions, and empower others to take action and overcome powerlessness.


 NHRG #1: Mental Health

 NHRG #2: Environmental Issues

 NHRG #3: Distance Learning

 NHRG #4: Constructing a Culture of Human Rights




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